We help remove the unknown (FUD) for you on your website project. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)

To Use WordPress or Not?

  • We have worked with a variety of clients and understand how fear, uncertainty and doubt can block needed change to your site and hold you back from being competitive online.
  • We work with our clients at a pace that is reasonable for them to achieve their online goals.
  • We want our customers to be equipped with information for them to make better choices and have options to pull from that work best for their market or audience niche. We also educate our clients to understand how the search engines and searchers work which translates into site design, user interface, site functionality and last but not least content creation and promotion on and off-site.

Not sure whether you should use WordPress or not for your site? Like a design but want to add your own touch to it?

Contact Us For Website Customization Work
Contact Us For Website Customization Work

Where to Get Your WordPress Themes?

There are a lot of choices as to where you can get your site theme online.

We recommend you select and buy from a reputable company. These are 2 of the WordPress companies we have had great experience with in great designs, responsive template options and support.

Theme Forest WordPress

WordPress Customization

We provide you with search engine optimization guidance and best practices with your decision to use WordPress for your website.
We work with you to find suitable themes that include responsive design in order to reach your web visitors on any device anytime, anywhere.
We are able to offer WordPress customization services along side basic setup of your site.

We offer recommendations on which plugins are the best for you to utilize on your site and apply tried and true tactics that work to optimize your WordPress site or blog.

Our central mission remains focused on your customers’ needs. We want to create an innovative user experience for your customers that delivers them the information they are interested in. We work hard to accomplish this for your company through our customization work, design, development and the marketing strategy we develop for you and your website.