What should your goals be with SEO? Rankings? First Page? Top Listings?

Why should you even care about SEO (search engine optimization) considering all of the headlines saying it is dead?

To start off, there is simply the concept of “free” traffic to your website. You own your website and organic traffic, traffic from search queries in the search engines, is free! (compared to paid advertising like PPC or display ads) When you properly optimize your content across all pages of your website you are able to rank for different queries performed by online users. These searchers (queries) vary in degrees of specificity from broad, generic (head-terms) searches that tend to be low on the scale of generating a lead for your business to those that are more specific such as researching on a topic (research queries) to multi-word search queries that include details about their particular search (long-tail queries) and in need of your services – which equals a lead!

Your Goal: Being able to drive qualified traffic to your site is important to its success and SEO can help you get qualified traffic to grow your business.

SEO has ever increasingly become more and more complex over the last couple of years, mainly because of Google. There are a lot of moving parts and it is easy to get caught up in the details of how SEO works while missing the goal. This is where some of the less scrupulous of companies and SEOs come out of the woodwork selling the “snake oil” of high rankings and top listings in the Search Engines.  This type of  SEO you want to avoid as they may in fact damage your site’s placement in the organic listings and if you do see a bump in rankings to start, unethical tactics could ultimately penalize your site and hinder your online visibility and successes. Be mindful of who you work with and try to partner up with those that are willing and able to be transparent with what processes that are planning on implementing on your behalf.

What you should know before you work with an SEO agency or consultant.

First off you should understand what the goal of SEO is to begin with and realize that it isn’t simply to achieve top rankings but for you to increase your online traffic with the targeted keywords; that deliver a rich on-page experience for your web-visitors with clear and actionable paths for them to take in either contacting via a form or placing a product to a cart for check-out. Your true goal is to improve your site’s content, structure and overall performance in order to capture more traffic which may convert to leads (new clients).

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