Want actionable work items to improve your site’s performance in search? Get a SEO Audit

Search Optimized Inc. provides site audits without overwhelming you with the details. We will provide you with a website audit checklist that will walk you through prioritized technical and editorial elements on your site that will aid in improving your index quality, messaging and content to rank better in search.

Whether we implement the recommendations to your site or provide you with a document which includes a prioritized list of what needs to be done and why they are important. This list can be handed off to your development and editorial teams or we can provide training to your staff to execute easily the list of priority work items in a timely manner that best fits within your production calendar.

SEO Audit – Who is it for?

SEO services with Search Optimized Inc.

Those wanting…

      • Improve your current website’s performance in search
      • Expand your reach to existing and potential customers
      • Increase your online presence

Not sure why you are not getting traffic like you used to or simply want more traffic? Let us help you.

Request a SEO Audit
Request a SEO Audit

What is involved with a SEO Audit?

SEO Audit services by Search Optimized Inc.

Quality Content & Index Health

      • Review Indexed Pages (primary search engines Google and Bing)
      • Evaluate placement for a set of valued search terms, branded and non-branded terms
      • Verify Google’s cache for key pages to verify if content is showing up / navigational links are visible to search bots

Technical SEO Review

Technical SEO Audit & Compliance for Online Success

Compliant Code, URLs and Protocol

            • Review URL structure, keyword formatting and parameters
            • Audit redirects
            • Review use of special technologies or scripts
            • Evaluate site speed
            • Evaluate site errors
            • Review sitemap

Site Infrastructure Review

Interface Architecture & Content Organization by Search Optimized Inc.

Great Site Organization

        • Evaluate navigational elements and content depth
        • Evaluate linking
        • Evaluate pagination
        • Evaluate site’s taxonomy

Site Accessibility & Index Quality

Index Health and Quality Audit by Search Optimized Inc.

Easy access for search engines & users

        • Verify content on-page with JS & CSS turned off
        • Evaluate use of cloaking
        • Evaluate use of content replace for embedded objects
        • Verify robots.txt

Site Content Review

Content Optimization and SEO services by Search Optimized Inc.

Create Unique & Useful Information

          • Identify duplicate content issues
          • Identify thin content
          • Evaluate keyword targeting across landing pages
          • Evaluate meta data across all pages
          • Evaluate keyword placement across all embedded elements on-page (images)
          • Evaluate content vs. ads on-page ratios

We Deliver the following:

            • Site Index Health report
            • Current website traffic report
            • SEO Audit details and recommendations
            • Editorial & Technical recommendations
            • Implementation and Integration guidance and recommendations
            • Direct execution on our recommendations or support with your staff to implement prioritized action items from the audit.