Need a new Website? Or looking to upgrade (SEO) your existing site?

We are here to help you develop a comprehensive website strategy outlining key elements and publishing best practices for your site’s features, functionality and content for you to be competitive and successful in today’s market. Search Optimized Inc. is not your average website development-designers. Whether you need a brand new website design, site redesign or some minor adjustments to your site – we can evaluate your online needs to grow your business. We provide consultation, web design and development services to give you that competitive edge online – no matter the device or location of your potential customers.

How we can help you:

        • We offer Website Design and Development Expertise
        • We offer the latest in Website Publishing and best practices such as Responsive Design, Content Optimization and Top of the line Graphic Design.
        • We offer Online Strategy and Planning
        • We offer ongoing support because we care about your site just as much as you do.

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Our Process

Search Optimized Inc. Website Design & Development Process with our Clients

What makes us different:

We offer over 13+ years in the digital industry within the below areas of expertise that is the foundation of your online success. Your online success is an ongoing process and we believe in the never ending improvement of our skills to better server you and your staff – we are here to help you achieve your online goals.

Your website has to build trust and rapport. Our goal is to provide you with the appropriate details to make the best choices for your website. We can build your site from scratch using the latest HTML5 & CSS standards, implement responsive design, deploy a WordPress site for you or optimize an existing website. We empower you, our client, with the right tools to be found online and help you create content that is engaging, drives traffic and lead acquisition for your business.

We at Search Optimized Inc. have worked on local to global projects. Our experience encompasses all aspects of web projects from editorial to working with online engineers.
We work with our client to capture the best online and marketing graphics for their products and messaging.
We offer over 13 years of experience with graphic and web design.
We offer over 13 years of online development experience from small to corporate business. We ensure that all of our site development follows online publishing best practices and is designed to be accessible for everyone.
We work closely with our clients to ensure that their branding and messaging are consistent are of top standards.
We at Search Optimized Inc. focus on creating great content and making it easily discovered, which is good for both users and search engines.
We work with our client to identify opportunities in content creation to remain competitive. We ensure all pages have descriptive meta data in order to control and get the most out their their listings appear in organic search.
We monitor and evaluate key landing pages for user interaction and conversions. We work with our clients to grow their online leads and meet their business goals.
We work with our clients to help define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that best align with their online business goals.
We offer monthly reporting to monitor your online presence, authority and performance for your online business / website.