Buyer Beware: SEO and Web Services should never include Social Bookmarking submissions, Article submissions, Press Release submissions, Blog submissions…etc.

I am always amused when I get an email offering “top grade” SEO services which include monthly support include Social Bookmarking submissions, Article submissions, Press Release submissions, Blog submissions and even the offer to write “unique” content on your behalf. These are just a few of the services that will end in a whole lot of misery for site owners.

Bad SEO services being offered to website owners

img: example of a bad SEO pitch.

How can you know good SEO services from the bad SEO services?

Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust legitimate SEO services such as site and index audits, which include site recommendations and fixes (both for the technical and editorial components of your site). You should expect clear expectations to be established before you partner with a SEO agency (or contractor) in terms of what type of support you are to receive from them.

Here are a few ways a SEO can be effective and support your business and develop online presence:

  1. Schedule regular meetings to review your site’s performance and opportunities in optimization.
  2. Provide monthly analytics reporting, which should include social and PPC KPIs (key performance indicators).
  3. Keyword research and data to feed into an Editorial Calendar from which you can draw inspiration from and create content from, whether it is for your blog or creating evergreen content on your site’s core pages.
  4. Content edits and suggestions on new content to augment your existing pages. This includes on-page content and your pages’ meta data (page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords and even your Open Graph (OG) tags for Facebook and appropriate title and descriptions with your Twitter meta data).
  5. Strategy in terms of your PPC / site content – how do you compare with the industry, your competitors and searcher interests.
  6. Landing page development and optimization for PPC and organic searchers. Identify the keywords and how they fit into your primary messaging and CTA (call-to-action) on-page.
    Tracking and Analytics implementation. Ensure your site and your pages are properly setup to track your web visitor’s engagement on site.
  7. And not exactly last but least in a service offer, pulling insights from your analytics and recommending and better yet, implementing best practices to improve your site’s performance and your web pages user experience.

Search Engine Optimization is Worth the Investment, When Done Correctly!

The above items primarily focus on the SEO aspects for your site but if you have a site you are most likely familiar that SEO is no longer a stand alone service. Many other aspects of the digital space now include Social Networking / Media Optimization, Content Marketing & Strategy.

Ask for More and You will Become a Leader in Your Industry

You want to become a thought leader in your industry or within your markets and being educated and aware of what is being done today is smart but it doesn’t limit your creativity. You know your existing customers and who you want to attract. Don’t limit your strategy to what you are being told by a “so called SEO expert”. Demand the attention to detail in defining your target audience and take the time to create a cohesive message on the products / services you offer. Understand which channels will expand upon your current reach and align your message to best fit each channel, without simply regurgitating the same thing over and over again. Leverage your owned assets, different media such as info-graphics or video may amplify your message. This is where a SEO consultant could truly add value to your online presence.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and please, please, please don’t get blinded by the promises of 1st page placement on Google. Long gone are the days of gaming Google. They may be able to get you there with certain tactics but it won’t last and you may feel the true pain of getting penalized by Google’s algorithms, manual or not.

Contact Tracey for SEO support and services at Search Optimized Inc. Contact Tracey for SEO support and services at Search Optimized Inc.