Learn from example but don’t be tied down to another’s “Rules to Engagement” with Social Media. Whether you are starting out as a newbie in the social space or been doing it for awhile, leverage your interactions with your fans and followers to see what truly resonates with them and what matters the most to them. The following are some tips in improving your social marketing efforts:

Tip #1 Ask and you shall receive

As a rule, people love to help when it makes them feel good. Make it easy for them and let them know what you are looking for their help on.

Tip #2 Be engaging

Join in on the conversation. Don’t be afraid to jump in on another’s conversation, keep the discussion open and moving forward.

Tip #2.a Don’t take it personally

Most of the time you will be testing waters with posts and comments – don’t take to heart when you may be contradicted or ignored

Tip #3 Who are the movers & the shakers?

Reach out to those who are the top influencers within your interests or industry. Find out what they are saying online and reach out to say hello.
Get involved where the action is. Understand who and where your target audience / market is.

Tip #4 Share, share, share

Make your content as easy as possible to share on your site but seek out opportunity across social platforms and even on other sites / blogs similar to yours.

Last but not least

Social Media Marketing Works if You Work at It.

About the Author

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