You have a great website but you are getting no traffic – Why?

Content is king, this is true but there are a few other best practices you should incorporate into your web publishing day to day.

SEO Industry Best Practices

One of the most important tags for both the engines and the searcher. Be unique per page, concise and use relevant, descriptive keywords to best describe the webpage.
Page Titles, Underlined Blue Text in SERPs
This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. What is your “CTA” (call to action) for the searcher to click on your listing over another?
Meta Data, Snippets in SERPs
It may be an article, blog post or simply a webpage to describe your services or products, create content that is unique to your website and incorporate the best keywords to describe your services.
Content, Your value add
Build your social profile and networks, initiate conversations, be involved in your industry and bring value by offering your opinion, tips and information that your readers demand.
Social Networking, Be a thought leader
Tracey Woods and her group of industry experts offer you marketing services that enable, educate and empower you, our client, to succeed with your online initiatives. Partner with experts to optimize your site’s content.
Extension of your company, Search Optimized Inc.
Whether you hire us to implement changes on your site or train your staff; we will guide you on online publishing and SEO best practices. We have developed editorial and technical guidelines that are easily incorporated into your daily online routine.
We work with clients to identify content gaps and opportunities for their site. We provide keyword research and monitor trending topics in both search and social media to provide insights on and priority in the copy writing process.
Our policy is and has always been to provide the best information, to education and to plan and develop strategies for our clients in order for them to succeed. Don’t fall for “get rich schemes” with your website! We will share with you guidelines and best practices on how to naturally grow links to your content while promoting it across the different forums.
We focus on the generation of quality leads for our clients, increasing brand awareness, traffic to your site and ultimately revenue from your online success. We believe in empowering our clients to leverage data and the best practices will uphold at Search Optimized Inc.

About the Author

Tracey has 13+ years experience in the online marketing space. Graduated from the University of Alberta with a BA and has worked with international companies, such as MSN Microsoft. Follow Search Optimized Inc. on Google and join in on discussions with SEO Experts on Google+. Connect with Tracey on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.