Are you considering a redesign for your website? Or are you looking to build a new site for your company?

Here are a few things to consider before you begin.

1. Purpose: what is the purpose of your site and what makes you different from your competitors?Define the purpose of your website.
2. Site Content: what are you going to say and how will you inform your web visitors they are at the right place at the right time?
3. Audience: who is your target audience? Do you understand the different personas that you wish to target for your product / services?
4. Messaging: consider what you message is and how you will write each of your core pages and landing pages to satisfy the search or need of your web users.
Use easy to use navigation on your site.5. Easy Navigation: your site should be easily navigated, allowing for people to land on any page and continue on to the desired pages of interest.
6. Be Unique: standout in the crowd! Your offerings may be similar to other companies out there online but you don’t have to repeat the same information. Consider writing content that resonates with your end users and speaks to how you are unique in your offering.
7. Be Genuine: people will see through a sales pitch or scheme, provide useful information online and make all relevant information easy found and available for your web visitors.
8. Be Optimized: understand the basics for SEO. Have unique page titles and descriptions for each of your pages along with unique content per page. Use appropriate markup on-page and ensure that all of your page elements are appropriately optimized so that your site is accessible for those using screen readers and search engines understand embedded objects, such as images, video as such.Create unique content.
9. Screen Resolution: having a website online isn’t enough nowadays, but having a site that is fully responsive allows for your site to be useful anywhere, anyplace, anytime for those seeking your services or products while on the move.
(tip: consider what content is most appropriate for mobile users vs. desktop users. Consider serving relevant / contextual content to your web visitors.)
Build a responsive website.10. Build Connections: nowadays having a website is only a fraction of what you should consider in growing your reach and visibility online, Social Media – Networking is taking the lead in focus in connecting with your web visitors while growing and nurturing a relationship with them. Understand which of the social forums best suite your client / customer personas and needs and develop your profile to match those needs. Remember, this is an ongoing process that demands consistency and practice. There isn’t a single rule to follow but everything above, be genuine while creating rich content that reaches your targeted audiences and create the best messaging to deliver the best experience online and on-site for your existing and potential clients.



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