Recent SEO, PPC and Social Projects

Search Optimized Inc. provides our clients with a strong foundation to grow their online business and presence. We build client sites with user experience, visitor acquisition, search traffic and lead generation in mind. We pride ourselves on implementing and informing our clients on search and web publishing best practices on all of our projects. Our policy is and has always been to provide the best solutions, strategies, technologies and information to our clients in order for them to succeed. The following case studies illustrate our commitment to our clients.

A Case Study of Duplicate Content on Site and in the Search Engines

The Problem

Client came to us with a need to migrate several sites to a new platform for a redesign. During our initial investigation it was discovered that they had an issue with duplicate content across the different domains they owned and also within their existing CMS (content management system). Often most site owners are not aware of how a CMS may have a negative impact on their website rankings. In this example their rankings and overall search index quality were in need of immediate attention prior to and post content migration to the new platform.
Issue with duplicate content and URL errors for SEO

The Solution

Search Optimized Inc. provided an index audit, content migration and redirection services with the intention of:

          • Applying appropriate redirects from old to new URLs
          • Cleaning up the search index to include only high value pages from their sites
          • Providing Keyword Research and Copy Writing recommendations across all site pages to make them unique and useful
          • Attracting new visits and traffic to the site
          • Generating leads

Create great content with unique copy to grow traffic

The Results

Analysis of the initial index health and subsequent content optimization & URL redirection strategy has resulted in the following:

          • An Estimated 250-900+ duplicate URLs per domain were appropriated redirected and updated in the index
          • Time on site increased by 38%
          • Traffic increased by 67% on the smaller websites
          • The Client reported a significant increase in qualified leads
          • While being able to attract and engage potential new clients with useful content across each of the specialized sites

A Case Study of Wasted Ad Spend & Low Quality Leads

The Problem

Client came to us with a recently re-launched website and an existing PPC account which they had little to no access to – both were under performing. Often we see some site owners experience a drop in rankings after a site redesign and additionally they are at risk of not having control over their PPC campaigns when they work with less than reputable agencies. This particular client’s site is within a very competitive market and unfortunately was provided with grey and black hat SEO tactics used on their older website that left them struggling to generate online leads. Problem with most PPC accounts if their lack of information and over spending with no leads

The Solution

Search Optimized Inc. provided the setup of a new PPC account and built out a new optimization and marketing strategy for their website and advertising campaigns with the intention of:

          • Incorporating targeting keywords and messaging that resonates with the client’s audience
          • Campaign Testing
          • Attracting new visits and traffic to the site
          • Generating leads
          • Last but not least, maximizing their PPC budget by reducing their average CPC while increasing their CTRs

PPC strategy using targeted keywords in your ad copy to drive traffic and leads

The Results

Analysis of the previous site stats and launch of the new PPC optimized campaign has resulted in the following:

          • Traffic increased by 125%
          • The cost per click decreased by 48%
          • The Click Through Rates (CTR) increased by 78%
          • The Client reported a significant increase in qualified leads that converted to paying customers
          • While being able to lower their monthly Ad Spend by 45%

A Case Study of a Newbie to Social Networking and Blogging

The Problem

Client came to us with no Social profiles or experience using Social Media. Often we see many people get overwhelmed by the choices of Social Networks they can join and participate in, along with how to join in on the conversation.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with Social Networking

The Solution

Search Optimized Inc. worked closely with the client to setup Social profiles and train them on blogging and content marketing best practices with the intention of:

          • Setting up and Optimizing their Social profiles
          • Creating an online presence
          • Training with keyword research and copy writing best practices
          • Insights to each the social forums, audiences and social listening
          • Attracting new visits and traffic to the site

Social networking can be an efficient means to promote your website and content

The Results

With profiles in place, connections made and the creation of new content for their website, via blogging, the client’s new Social Media Marketing strategy has resulted in the following:

          • Optimized Social profiles setup for Google +, Linkedin and Facebook
          • Connections made and growth in audience reach
          • Generated targeted keyword lists for blogs and editorial calendar
          • The client embracing SEO, copy writing and social marketing best practices to promote his blog content
          • Increased traffic and brand awareness through Social Media