Why hire Search Optimized Inc. for your Online Marketing Services?

We create strategic solutions for your SEO, PPC & Social Marketing needs that get YOU results!

Search Optimized Inc. is comprised of industry experts that strive to exceed our clients expectations and deliver on results that stay ahead of the curve. Our team of experts has been in the industry over 16+ years. At the core we are group of SEO experts and website guru’s which have worked with international corporations, such as Microsoft, to teaching digital design, web publishing best practices and online marketing. Our credits include Facebook, Adobe certifications and with Google Adwords and Analytic accreditation in progress today. We are active within the online search industry and keep on top of latest algorithmic updates, latest search and social trends. We strive for excellence with the ever growing challenges online and believe in empowering our clients with useful information to help them understand their online competition and opportunities to leverage the user demand to grow their online visitors. Search Optimized Inc. is here to help you achieve online success.

We build client’s sites with growth in traffic, visitor acquisition and leads in mind.

Let's Get Started on Your Site!
Let's Get Started on Your Site!

Who is Search Optimized Inc.

We at Search Optimized Inc. focus on your customers and customer experience for your online success. We work with you, our client, to help you understand what it takes to get your site to perform at full capacity.
Our success is only measured by your success. We bring the technical and practical expertise to add value to your business’s investment to grow your leads/ visitors from search.
We do not believe in providing you will empty promises of first page rankings. We do promise to build a strong foundation and deliver an online marketing strategy that grows with your business to improve your online visibility and leads.
Online marketing guidelines, strategy, research and or implementation, our consulting services are best in class to provide the best tools and information you need for your online project. Read our blog, see our clients’ work or get in touch. We look forward to helping you with your online marketing needs.

Our Crazy Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 100
Social Marketing & PPC 98
Web Analytics and Reporting 95
Website Design & WordPress 80

Search Optimized Inc.’s Case Studies

Search Optimized Inc. provides our clients with a strong foundation to grow their online presence. We pride ourselves on educating and executing search and web publication best practices for our client’s project. We build client’s sites with growth in traffic, visitor acquisition and leads in mind. Our policy is and has always been to provide the best solutions, strategies, technologies and information to our clients in order for them to succeed.

A Case Study of a Isolating Ad Serving and Targeting the Best Audience

The Problem

Client came to us with a need to lock in on the best geo locations for their mobile ads to be served. Often we see missed opportunities in refining your ad settings to be inclusive / exclusive to certain geographic areas. We utilized available stats to help us zero in on the appropriate targeting for their PPC campaign.

The Solution and Results

Search Optimized Inc. worked closely with the marketing to get the site designed, developed and launched within 2 weeks and resulted in the following:

  • Drop in Bounce rate by 27%
  • A record high in online registrants and sales
  • The Client reported a sell out of all real estate properties associated with this campaign.

A Case Study of PPC to the rescue

The Problem

Client came to us with a need of generating leads online. Often we see clients within highly competitive markets and or without proper guidance in the paid advertising landscape. They grow frustrated with throwing money at PPC with little ROI.

The Solution and Results

Search Optimized Inc. provided PPC setup and campaign management with the following results:

  • Optimized PPC campaigns by increasing CTR by 36%
  • A/B Testing on campaigns revealed the best performing keywords and ad copy
  • While Maximizing their Ad Spend
  • Reported record highs in traffic and in generating qualified leads

PPC and Lead Generation

A Case Study of a New Site Needing Traffic and Leads to Sell Homes

The Problem

Client came to us with a need for their new site to be optimized for search. Often we see new domains getting launched without the proper SEO and publishing best practices being incorporated into site planning, design and development. Ultimately, this may hinder the site’s ranking potential in the search engines and limit the amount of traffic they can get from search.

The Solution

Search Optimized Inc. provided a site SEO review and recommendations with the intention of:

  • Ensuring there were no code violations
  • Reviewing navigational and linking on the site
  • Reviewing keyword use and promotion throughout the pages
  • Attracting visits and traffic to the site
  • Generating leads

SEO services with Search Optimized Inc.


The Results

The site was designed, developed and launched within 2 weeks and resulted in the following:

  • 0.08% Bounce rate
  • An average of 28 page views per visit
  • A record high in online registrants
  • The Client reported that the comments from their clients were overwhelming positive with how useful they found the information on their site